Assert Sydney’s position as a global 24-hour city through creative, social and economic vibrancy.


● A nightlife that allows Sydney’s unique personality to be expressed, not stifled.
● Replace the lockouts with liquor licensing that is better targeted, rewards good performance and encourages the provision of cultural activities alongside alcohol.
● A 24-hr urban transport system worthy of a global 24-hr city.
● Greater diversity after dark including food, retail, cultural and recreational offerings.
● Removal of regulation stifling the use of vacant and flexible space.


● A more inclusive nightlife, catering to all ages, cultures and lifestyles.
● Improved late-night transport options to make our streets safer.
● Collaborate with police to improve working relationships with community and business, and ensure community oversight.
● Functional, dynamic and attractive public spaces designed to curb anti-social behaviour.


● A dynamic 24-hr culture to attract the best young talent – the foundation of Sydney’s startup ecosystem.
● Best practice governance that is effective, inclusive and accountable.
● A 'night mayor’ serving as focal point and champion for the night time economy.
● Integrated urban planning reform that protects the local music scene.
● Smarter, evidence-based decision making that embraces data, analytics and technology across all aspects of planning and design.