A freedom of information request revealed that girls as young as twelve have been strip searched by the police and that at least 68% of all strip searches find nothing. This policy is a failure and significantly erodes the civil liberties of people in NSW.

The Police Minister is responsible for addressing this shameful regime and has failed to do so with the care and consideration this sensitive issue demands.
Please sign the petition urging the immediate resignation or sacking of the NSW Police Minister, David Elliott and an end to the State Government and NSW Police's failed strip search operations.


We the undersigned call for the NSW Government’s Police Minister, David Elliott, to resign or be sacked immediately.

The Minister has failed to address or even take seriously the incidents involving strip searches of innocent citizens that have left thousands of men, women and children deeply humiliated and traumatised. His most recent comments suggesting that parents around the state would be “happy” to have their children stripped naked by law enforcement is an affront to everyone in a free and civilised society.

Furthermore, Elliott’s efforts to stall the parliamentary bill to decriminalise abortion earlier this year and the new allegations of manhandling a teenager while impersonating a police officer demonstrates that he is a liability to Premier Gladys Berejilklian and her government.

The Minister is an example of an elected official that is out of touch with community standards and therefore unfit for office.

We also demand an end to the strip search program undertaken by the NSW Police that fails to uncover drugs in most cases while failing to address the wider issues surrounding drug use.

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