Unlock The City’s Night-time Economy And Create A 24 Hour City

  • Repeal the lockout laws and allow 24-hour trading for well-run venues.

  • Develop and invest in innovative, evidence-based late-night public health and safety strategies that encourage a positive nightlife.

  • 24 hour public transport.

  • Initiate a public study into a statewide 24 hour transport network strategy incorporating increased taxi, rideshare, bike-sharing schemes and emerging technologies.

  • Diversify late-night activity be encouraging extended trading for food, retail and entertainment vendors.

  • Provide tax offsets and lower fees for live music venues to increase investment in artists and performance.

  • Roll back the takeaway liquor curfew to midnight and replace with a sensible licensing regime similar to Victoria.

  • End the ban on new nightclubs by removing the liquor licence freeze.

  • Reform ‘move-on’ laws so that violent people are taken off the street.

  • Establish an independent ‘Office of the Night’ to provide accountability for stakeholders of the night-time economy and a Ministry of Culture, Music and Nightlife for a seat in Cabinet.

  • Conduct a review of alcohol-free zones and restrictions on serving alcohol outdoors and pare back regulations in areas of low risk.

Creating Cultural Opportunities in Urban and Regional Centres Across the State

  • Push the incoming Premier to make arts, culture and nightlife a priority for NSW over the next four years.

  • Invest $100 million into contemporary music and performance over four years. Quadruple Victoria’s investment!

  • Dedicate $10 million to a targeted marketing and promotion campaign to rebuild confidence in the state’s nightlife and cultural offering.

  • Introduce regular cultural stakeholder roundtables to foster stronger working relationships between local businesses, police and residents.

  • Launch a ‘Culture Pass’ similar to New York's with free access (up to $250 per person, per year) to live music, performance, theatre, galleries and other cultural events and institutions for young people aged 18-24.

  • Allocate $10 million to establish a ‘Street Party Fund’ to activate outdoor public spaces.

  • Work collaboratively with city councils to extend trading hours of businesses integral to the night-time economy.

  • Increase funding to startups and established small businesses to encourage increased employment within the creative industries.

Tear Up the Nanny State and Restore Civil Liberties

  • Cut off the state’s dependence on revenue-raising infringements: allow cyclists to ride without helmets, stop wasting police resources on jaywalking and breathalysing kayakers etc. Refocus police to educating people.

  • Conduct an inquiry into the erosion of civil liberties to highlight laws that have excessively restricted the rights of the individual with a view to reform.

  • Repeal the anti-democratic ‘move-on’ laws and reclaim our right to public places.

  • Initiate a move away from punitive policing and towards community policing, where officers are assigned to specific areas to become familiar with locals.

  • Stop the heavy-handed policing of public events. Police are there to protect us, not arrest us!

  • Conduct a review of alcohol-free zones, restrictions on outdoors events and pare back policing of low-risk activity.

Save Our Festivals From Destructive Overregulation

  • Repeal the Berejiklian Government’s new licenses regulations for festivals to take effect on 1st March that will decimate the festival industry worth $1.8b. Click here to see the latest update on this issue.

  • Initiate a festival stakeholder roundtable between industry, emergency services and policymakers to create smarter and informed risk management strategies.

  • Fund the development and implementation of emergency services and counter-terrorism strategies for sport, festivals and cultural events.

  • Bring the user-pays police to attendee ratio at festivals in line with other states.

  • Introduce harm minimisation programs for festivals covering pill testing, amnesty bins, drug education, rovers, health services and water stations.

  • Replace fines and criminal penalties for possession of drugs for personal use with diversion notices to educational and treatment programs.

  • Abolish the sniffer dog program and redirect the savings to pill testing and other harm minimisation strategies.

  • Roll-back police strip search powers!

  • Restore funding for Sydney Festival’s ‘Festival First Night’.

End the War On Drugs and Minimise Harm

  • Introduce free pill testing facilities at festivals and fixed locations across NSW.

  • Establish a statewide pill testing results database to inform public health responses and early community warnings about deadly substances and create evidence-based interventions.

  • Abolish the sniffer dog program and redirect the savings to pill testing and other harm minimisation strategies.

  • Roll back police strip search powers!

  • Replace fines and criminal penalties for possession of drugs for personal use with diversion notices to educational and treatment programs.

  • Legalise the use of cannabis in NSW.

  • Introduce an impairment-based approach to drug driving that shifts the focus from the detection of trace amounts to actual risk, including those on prescription and other legal drugs.

Clean Up NSW’s Politics: Corruption, Lobbying and Donations Reform

A Stronger and Truly Independent ICAC
  • Increase and secure funding for a stronger ICAC to ensure it holds politicians accountable without fear, favour or intimidation from the Government.

  • Enshrine the powers, funding and scope of ICAC into the State Constitution.


Shutdown Parliament’s Revolving Door Of Lobbyists
  • Close the loopholes in the NSW Lobbyist Code by broadening the legal definition of a ‘lobbyist’ to anyone lobbying for financial gain.

  • Extend the cooling-off period for politicians and senior staffers from taking roles in industries they have had regulatory influence over to 4 years after leaving office.

  • Create a Lobbyist Integrity Commissioner.


Ensure Value From Public Infrastructure Projects
  • Create an independent commission to provide oversight of major infrastructure projects to ensure NSW taxpayers get value for money.

  • Incorporate the recommendations of the WestConnex Report for project assessment and selection.

  • Make the business cases for large-scale infrastructure projects available to the public.

  • Enhance the role of the Audit Office of NSW with ‘follow the dollar’ powers to provide oversight of how public money is spent by private contractors.


Reform Donations Laws to Restore Trust in Our Political System
  • Mandate real-time disclosure of political donations with online interactive maps by electorate.

  • Broaden the definition of ‘prohibited donors’ to include mining, not-for-profit gambling and companies involved in government contracts.


End Special Treatment for Casinos
  • Ensure there are no changes to the Crown Casino deal ever! That means no pokies!

  • End special exemptions for casinos from three-strikes liquor licensing scheme and the violent venues list.

  • Remove tax breaks on pokies profits and use the savings to help clubs diversify their business away from pokies revenue.

  • Use pokies tax revenue to fund gambling addiction support services and implement harm minimisation strategies.


Energise Small Business, Startups and Entrepreneurship

  • Cut red tape that inhibits startups and threatens the viability of small businesses.

  • Increase funding to startups and established small businesses to increase employment.

  • Set-up an interest-free loan program for startups and entrepreneurs.

  • Subsidise rent and office space for small business, startups and incubators.

  • Provide adequate funding for the management and promotion of Sydney's High Streets and shopping precincts.
  • Include a ‘Fairness’ principle within government agreements to compensate individuals and businesses that are adversely impacted by Government decisions.

Protect Our State’s Venues & Cultural Heritage

  • Protect existing venues and entertainment precincts from noise complaints by embedding ‘agent of change’ principles into development regulation.

  • Ensure mandatory soundproofing and insulation in all new developments and redevelopments near existing venues and entertainment precincts.

  • Conduct venue audits to identify culturally significant venues across to determine their community value.

  • Amend the NSW Heritage Act to include cultural 'use' as a protected heritage item.

  • Establish a ‘Soundproofing Fund’ to retrofit venues threatened by noise complaints.

  • Develop new entertainment and late-night trading precincts.

  • Stop the sell-off and leasing of culturally and architecturally significant public buildings.

  • Ban brand advertising on culturally significant buildings like the Sydney Opera House.


Make NSW Fairer, More Affordable, Liveable & Inclusive

Fairer and More Affordable
  • Protect tenants and end ‘no grounds’ evictions to make renting in NSW fair, secure and stable.

  • Ease the social housing crisis by providing incentives to landlords that offer leases to low-income earners at affordable rates.

  • Tighten regulation of the property development industry.

Liveable and Environmentally Progressive
  • Adopt minimum tree canopy and open space targets across all urban areas in NSW.

  • Reduce waste in innovative ways and make NSW a true circular economy

  • Ensure affordable irrigation, drinking water and energy is available to all people throughout NSW.

  • Provide real-time air pollution, heat and water quality data to local councils and the public to inform priority, evidence-based policy.

  • Decongest our streets and roads by investing in bicycle infrastructure and better transport options. 

  • Develop diverse, sustainable and resilient food and agriculture systems in both urban and regional areas. 

Inclusive & Diverse
  • Commit to long-term funding for disability advocacy and support services throughout NSW.

  • Permanently fly the Aboriginal Flag from the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

  • Legalise abortion and a woman’s right to choose in NSW once and for all.

  • Ban gay conversion therapy throughout NSW.

  • Legalise voluntary assisted dying.

Keep Sydney Open condemn and do not support any kind of discrimination based on race, gender, age, ethnicity, ability or otherwise. We believe in a society and culture that is fundamentally 'open' and compassionate toward each other. This includes immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers and only support policies that treat all people as human beings, with rights, limitless potential and who deserve opportunities to thrive and prosper.
Keep Sydney Open do not support any overtly or covertly racist policies. We do support a thoughtful approach to planning that exemplifies how design excellence and 'density done well' can accommodate and support a growing, diverse, resilient and open-hearted approach to a thriving NSW.