Repealing the lockouts. What does that even mean?

The 1:30am lockout is just one part of a suite of regulations called the “Sydney CBD Entertainment Precinct Plan of management”. This ‘plan’ was introduced in 2014 after the 2013 coward-punch deaths of Daniel Christie and Thomas Kelly in Kings Cross.

2013 was the same year that Destination NSW was advertising the fact that Sydney was the safest city in the world. It was also the year that both Liberal Premier, Barry O’Farrell (who now runs Racing Australia) and the Minister for Gaming and Hospitality, George Souris, are on parliamentary record saying stating that alcohol related crime was flat or falling and that lockout laws (a Labor idea) were not necessary and would not have saved either Kelly or Christie.

Nevertheless, somehow by 2015 the narrative according to O’Farrell’s successor, Mike Baird, was that Sydney had been in the grip of spiraling alcohol-fuelled violence.

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Responsible Gambling Week

Did you know that today is the start of the NSW Government's 'Responsible Gambling Awareness Week'?

You're forgiven if you didn't, because it's the same week the Premier decides to project a giant gambling promotion on one of the world's most famous buildings.

You simply cannot make this stuff up! 😂

Strict Alcohol Laws have Counterproductive Effects

The big myth about strict alcohol laws, as Sydney considers ditching lockouts

More and more studies are confirming what we know: lockouts around the world shuffle the problem around, and punish us all instead of making us safer.

"An in-depth study by the University of Otago in Christchurch found the tighter regulations had no impact on the number of alcohol-impaired and injured people presenting at hospitals."

The evidence is with us, the tide has turned, even members of the NSW government are agitating to roll lockouts back. Vote Keep Sydney Open at the next election to put an end to the scare campaigns once and for all.