We support safe nights in a global city.
We support live music.
Our mission is to Keep Sydney Open!

In February, 2014 the NSW State Government imposed a suite of restrictions on inner city venues including a 1.30am lockout. In response, Keep Sydney Open was formed by a variety of key Sydney live music and performance venues, cultural organisations, artists and music industry stakeholders, joining together to highlight the unfair imposition these tough laws have had on those who work and play in this city.

Crucial live music venues in Sydney have closed, several hundred jobs have been lost and the magic around our city is fading. All this for a minimal impact on violence, which was shown to be in decline since small-bar licenses were granted in 2008.

We have distinctly chosen to avoid any beer-barns, alcohol companies and liquor industry groups from our alliance, because we believe that there are better things about nightlife than just the consumption and sale of alcohol.

This is not about entertainment vs safety. We believe that both can be achieved simultaneously, and that our legislators have an obligation to preserve freedoms for law-abiding citizens while making a night out safer.